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People are wonderful!  Thank you to those of you who have helped.  Mikey now has a van for which he will get a mattress.  We have a few more weeks and hope to get enough to find him a place to rent.
This is Mikey and he could use some good vibes and a bit of help.  A few things about him:

He is:  A foster kid

            One who lived on the streets of Sacramento to escape his home life

            Taking to mentoring by a local friend of mine

            In his mid-20s

            Owner of a dog who is his only family

            Blessed with a job with a security company that gave him a chance

            One who feels getting his job was divine intervention

            Trying to save for a place to live

            Living in his van

            So proud of his job and his uniform....as seen in the picture


He is not:  Angry

                  One who begs on the streets

                  Expecting help from others


If anyone feels called to give a bit it would help this young man save for a place to live and to keep him on the path to becoming a success story.





September 10, 2021

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