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Rocky, my friend


UPDATE: "Rocky" and his family are now safely in Germany. They made it to Qatar initially.  I found out that his brother and wife and infant baby are also with Rock. His brother and sister-in-law are both medical doctors. We are all waiting for word on when he and family will be coming to the States. I can speak from what I know, this family is well deserving of US citizenship!   I leave this update with a small clip of an email from one of our contacts who got to speak directly to Rocky...it shows just what kind of person Rock is.


Those of you who’ve been following the press reporting know that the were challenges at Al-Sayliyah, including with sanitation, and for a time, with food and water.  Anytime I asked Rocky about those situations, he turned the question back around with gratitude for all that was right at that facility.  I’ll have to admit, the guy inspires me.

With that I will leave you guys to your weekend....THANK YOU ALL again for your generosity and support! It has been amazing! If there is someone you can think of that might want to read about this, PLEASE forward and share! Again, THANK YOU ALL!

 Hello! I'm Eric Braun aka "UConn." I was a former Security

Contractor at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2005. A large part of our duties involved dealing with the civilian
population. In order to be able to properly do our job, we needed
interpreters. The best we had is a man named Rocky. Rock was from Kabul. He was professional in his appearance, how he treated
others and how he conducted himself. He was always honest,
trustworthy and above all else loyal. We were fortunate enough
to be there when got married in 2005. He now has a beautiful wife
and 6 kids. After all that's happened in his country he was able
to get him and his family out and is on his way to Midland, TX. 
This all happened because of people he met 20 and 15 years ago.
The respect he earned brought people to his rescue. He dedicated
his life to the service of this country. We cant wait to celebrate his
With a family of 8, it is going to take a lot to get them going. That's
why I am starting this page. I would like to donate these funds
to Rock and his family as a small gesture of thank you for all
he did. Plans are to use these funds to get them clothes, food and
yes, maybe even some toys for the kids! I guarantee he will
be a good steward of this money! 
Thank you for reading this and ANY donations are very much
appreciated! NOTE: These donations will stay within the 
boundaries of the United States.
I wish you all the best!

August 25, 2021

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